Winners announcement for “BREAKING REMIX CONTEST”

The end of our BREAKING REMIX CONTEST has come we first want to say thanks to all the participants for their hard work on their remixes and for taking part on our remix contest.

We received many quality and different styles of remixes and we had a large variety of styles and it was hard to choose the best’s 3 remixes ,so the winners of our remixe contest are:


1st Martin Miller


2nd Tom Crawford

3rd Hardbros


We would like to say congrats to the winners and thank you for your awesome remixes and hard work , we will announce the release of the REMIX EP soon and we will have a festival version of the original song made by Ovylarock .

Thanks again for all the participants who joined our remix contest and please make sure you check our website in the future because we will have more contest and more opportunities.

Harmor Team

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