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All the way from Mexico young and talented music producer and DJ, VANTRX who’s love for electronic dance music becamore more than passion and started to develop his own sound signature and artist brand.

Vantrx, an 18 years old Mexican Dj/Producer. Since I was a child, I loved electronic music and by that time I was discovering different styles  and decided that I wanted to introduce myself into this amazing world. I started producing when I was 13 but I took this seriously at the age of 16 and two years later I self-released my first track called “Bass Shots”. After that I continued to release my tracks by myself and a few months later I dropped two tracks under the label of DEDAR RCRDS. The first one was a normal release and the second one was part of the DENAR RCRDS ADE Sampler 2020 together with more amazing producers. With this label I also participated in the first edition of their festival called “DENAR RCRDS Festival” which was a virtual but amazing experience full of great vibes and awesome people. Also I participated in a Dj session called “NÜ Session” that a mexican EDM blog called MDM Electro makes for emerging artists.


Talking about my music, I think that my productions can be described in some cases as energetic, in others as emotional and sometimes you can find a transition between both of them. During my career, as most artists, I have those who inspired me and who make me develop myself into music.

Some of these artists are Swedish House Mafia, Magnificence, Matisse & Sadko, Dubvision, etc… and some songs that I like the most are Greyhound, Set Me Free, Saga, Turn It Around and many many more. Now my future plans in my career are connected into three main goals which are to create a big impact in the world of music, represent my country towards the world with my work and to inspire people with my music but for me as all it has to be planned and for this to get achieved I want to first develop more my production skills, collaborate with more artists so I can learn from them as they can learn from me, sign with more labels that can help me in my journey to reach more people so they can know what the next generation of Dj’s/producers are doing, transmit my essence into my music, between many more. So this is me, Vantrx, and I am glad that you can know more about me, my music and my plans for this amazing journey that has just begun

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