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The brand new track by RMA is out now. Eight can be streamed or downloaded from all usual platforms for example like iTunes, Spotify or Beatport. The track is the first release by RMA on our label that matching perfectly with the idea and innovation of RMA. Stream or download Eight by RMA now – you will find a great piece of House Music.


In 2021 RMA will hit the ground running – and starts with a sensational and thrilling track called Eight. The brand new dark piece of House Music does meet the high expectations of the community. With a maximum of tension and pulsating beats RMA again finds his own way to the dancefloors of the world. Eight is the first release of RMA with the UK-label Harmor Records. Fasten your seat belt and start this fascinating music journey.

As heard before for example in tracks like Show U, Hands Up High or in the latest track Ride Together RMA has a captivating dark side. This special side the artist shows once again in the latest cracker Eight. The track triggers a large number of different emotions. With direct beats, suitable basses and dark vocals, Eight is made for a major appearance. RMA knows how to create a deep atmosphere in his tracks – this one is another proof.


Pushing the tension to the highest level, the crowd is expecting the immediate takeoff – and what happens? A dark voice and continuate basses keep the masses on the ground. They are irritated, they are relieved and they start again. They dance from dusk till dawn. Not many artists know how to play with the audience like RMA does. In terms of creating atmosphere and gambling with tension, Eight is a real masterpiece. RMA is back. Boredom is impossible.

The major ingredients for good House Music: Balanced beats, deep basses, matching vocals and of course a danceable character. Adding the genius of RMA with his great feeling for rhythm, atmosphere and tension, the good track will turn to a great one. This happens also to his latest track Eight. Feel the music, feel the energy and start your body-engine on the dancefloor for RMA’s new track.






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