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Promising Dutch electronic music producer talent, Mark Woods

His talent has no doubt when it comes to Electronic Dance Music, from Groningen in the country of Netherlands where the Dance music industry runs at the moment he joined our label back in early April 2019 with his first release “Losing Myself” and since then he became part of the label “family”. “jungle” energy.

Mark Woods, music producer from Groningen, the Netherlands 27 years old and been making music since I was 13. I first started of playing guitar and piano but later discoverd FL Studio and started making electronic music. I tend to make a lot of different styles, but always try to incorporate my personal touch. Because I play guitar it is found in a lot of my tracks and lately i have been using a lot of funk elements.


My inspiration mainly comes from artists like Avicii and recently artists like Martin Garrix, Ellis, Mike Cervello and Blinders! I love exploring new sounds and try to fit them in my songs. In the coming years I plan to make more music and reach more people with my music and play it out live!


Next to making music I finished my law degree and in the summer I love attending festivals with friends and check out new bands/artists live.


With my music I hope to inspire other people and make their day better!



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