Dutch music producer & dj Streetwise delivers new Big Room track “Add”


Dutch music producer and dj Streetwise delivers brand new festival anthem track “Add” and he makes his debut on our label brining some fresh sound and a lot of energy, this track has the basic elements of a festival banger with big fat kick and warm leads on the break followed by a dirty dutch lead drop that makes the track really powerful.


Streetwise entered the DJ scene in April, 2016. With a history in making music in several punk and metal bands as a bass player and as a frontman, he quickly picked up on DJ-ing. In no time he made several appearances at various events & clubs and became one of the resident DJ´s at the M2 bar in Eindhoven.

After releasing a couple of mixtapes on Soundcloud

and Mixcloud, he started producing his own music by the beginning of 2017. He created demo tracks “Hustlin” and “Everybody Likes Sex” and gained popularity with his remixes of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”. With his first professional standalone production “Ballin” he made his way onto Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and all other online music platforms. He followed up with his trap banger “Lapis” in July 2017 and launched his first official mixtape at the end of September, which has already been listened to almost 70 thousand times!


In the beginning of 2018 he has launched his own merchandise line, released his second mixtape and announced that he’s currently working on six new tracks; including two collaborations. In March he signed with Rebel Park Records and his first release of 2018 will be “Trouble”; a hard trap collaboration with Italian duo BECH, which will definitely leave a mark on the scene…




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